Breath Alcohol Detector

The Breathalyzer has become a genericized trademark for instruments that detect alcohol in breath. The word “breathalyzer” is a portmanteau of breath and analyzer. The first instruments were originally manufactured by Smith and Wesson and later taken in by National Draeger.

A breath Alcohol detector is a valuable tool in law enforcement, and Breathalyzer is a law enforcer’s most reliable partner. Although it cannot yield results like a blood test would, it can estimate the blood alcohol content (BAC) of a subject through a breath sample. And unlike the earlier models, the ones being made today have higher accuracy rates and can ignore most interfering agents that could otherwise cause a false positive result.

Aside from law enforcement use, there are also instruments designed for the common consumers. However, these are less accurate and consequently less expensive. They usually use a semiconductor-based sensing technology compared to the fuel cell and infrared utilized by most Breathalyzers.

Also, breath alcohol analyzers sold to consumers are regulated by the FDA. Whereas the ones used by law enforcers are regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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