Breath Alcohol Analyzer! Should You Have One?

A breath alcohol analyzer is a worthwhile asset if you’re worried about your safety or the safety of any family member, who love to drink alcohol and may drive under the influence. If you like to party and have a few drinks of alcohol, it is defiantly worth having your own breath alcohol analyzer with you. This device will help you make the right choice whether you or your friends should by behind the wheel if intending to drive.

General Information on the AlcoHawk Digital Breath Alcohol Analyzer

The AlcoHAWK Elite is professional grade, Department of Transportation (DOT)/ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) approved and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared digital breath alcohol screener designed for personal or professional use. With a simple one button function, the AlcoHAWK Elite displays the reading of a person’s B.A.C. in seconds on the new blue lit LCD display. The AlcoHAWK Elite features an innovative temperature display to ensure testing is performed in an optimal temperature range. Why guess when you can test with the AlcoHAWK Elite?

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