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The AlcoHawk Slim is one of the best buy breathalyzer personally designed by Q3 Innovations. The AlcoHawk Slim has a single button that operates the simple procedures of blowing in the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece will determine the accuracy of the BAC content in seconds.

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Based from the “Breathalyzer” website, The AlcoHawk Slim includes a removable mouthpiece cover. The cover allows the testing of multiple sanitary fashions within few minutes. The “NHTSA Model Specifications” obtained the breathalyzer’s FDA 510K Market Clearance to regulate the breathe alcohol content’s percentage.

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The AlcoHawk Slim has three basic features that make it one of the best buy breathalyzer from Q3 Innovations today. The basic features are the following:
• The “Sensor Recognition Technology” monitors the normal flow of sensor conditions.
• The “Folding Mouthpiece Design” allows the breathalyzer to determine the accuracy of the capture system.
• The “Sample Connection Sensor” helps ensures the breathalyzer’s safety.

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