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So you are looking to find out the best Breathalyzer to buy. A few things that you need to look at are what your price range is. If you say your budget is $20 and want a digital alcohol tester, there a good change of buy one of the cheapest units on the market that might not be all that accurate. It will depend on what your price budget is and what features that you want on the unit. For a bit more help check out our page “How to choose the best Breathalyzer for you” which may assist you on what to look for in an alcohol detector.

Below are a couple of questions that have been asked and answered on Yahoo

Question – Does anyone know the best Breathalyzer you can buy for your own use?

I want to buy a breathalyzer for my son because I think he drinks and drives when he “feels ok” but I think he may be over the legal limit still. Does anyone know of a good breathalyzer that is accurate that I can buy so he can use it when he is drinking and know his blood alcohol content?


We use this model to test our temp employees. We hire day laborers often and many will show up intoxicated. As a precaution we require all day laborers to blow for us before starting work. We find it very useful and accurate.

The model that was suggested is the Alcohawk ABI digital alcohol Breathalyzer: pictured below and available at Amazon.

Question – What is the best personal Breathalyzer for a reasonable price?

Looking for a personal breathalyzer that is not outrageously expensive.


Well, I am not sure what your definition is for reasonably priced, but if you are going to buy a breathalyzer you are going to need to get one that retails at least $75 to even be worth it. I have tried many, and all the ones under $50 are inaccurate wastes of money so don’t even bother. There is one right now that is normally $79.99 on sale for $59.99 from, a reliable source for breathalyzers. They have better ones that are all on sale too, but this is probably the lowest grade and priced one even worth buying.

The model that was suggested is the BACtrack Select S50 Breathalyzer: pictured below and available at Amazon.

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