Best Breathalyzer Breathalizer Alcohol Tester

The Lifeloc FC10 Alcohol Tester: The Best Breathalyzer Breathalizer Alcohol Tester

The Lifeloc FC10 Alcohol tester or simply known as the “Lifeloc FC” is one of the newest and most superior portable alcohol testers today.
According to the official “Breathalyzer” online auction site, The Lifeloc FC is the Best Breathalyzer breathalizer Alcohol tester today because of its top three advanced features. The features comprise of the following:
• The Lifeloc FC is convenient, cost-effective and durable to use. The Alcohol tester can generate more than 8,000 tests from a single set of 4 AA batteries in a short amount of time.
• The Lifeloc FC has a specialized “Graphical Display Advances” which allows automatic displaying of optical backlights, fuel-like response graph and breathalyzer profile graph. The graphical display advances allows regulating backlight displays from lower conditions.
• The Lifeloc FC is made from specialized LCD display which allows the unique flow of alcohol response graphs including a 64-character standardized display icon.

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