Beat Breathalyzer Myths

Beat Breathalyzer Myths

If you are looking to beat breathalyzer myths you may be in for a bit of a challenge. When it comes to having alcohol in your system it takes some time for it to be processed by the body. As for breathalyzer myths most have been tried and busted over the years.

Breathalyzer Myths Uncovered – Can You Beat a Breathalyzer? So you need to know how to beat a Breathalyzer! This video will give you some of the breathalyzer myths that have been unco…

When it comes to trying to beat mans laws, possibly 9 times out of 10 your may win. There’s that one time which maybe very costly when a person is under the influence of alcohol.

Blow Where?

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In my home town going back to December 2009, just a couple of days before Christmas. There was a tragic accident where a young man who was driving while intoxicated and ended up in a front yard where a few children were playing. One of the children who lived in the house was killed by the car on the front lawn.

The consequences of taking a risk with alcohol in your system not only can ruin your life, but also the life of others. So if you are trying to beat any breathalyzer myths at what cost or extend will you go to. Best to play it smart and if you think that you are close to or over the limit DON’T DRIVE!

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