Beat a Breathalyzer Myths Exposed

So you’re looking to beat the Breathalyzer. I am afraid these myths will not assist you.

Breathalyzer Myths Image
The breathalyzer is a piece of equipment that detects chemicals from your breathing. Most often, they are used by police officers to determine if a driver is driving under the influence. People have been trying to find ways to beat the infamous breathalyzer for years, so a lot of myths have come about through these methods. Although there are those that swear by these methods, they are myths and don’t work against the law enforcement digital alcohol breath tester.

It’s little more than a mere myth to think you can beat a breathalyzer by sucking on pennies. It was thought to work as sucking on copper would somehow change the chemicals, or alcohol registered on the device. Pennies are made of zinc, however, and regardless of what they are made of, you can’t suck on a penny to trick the machine.


It is a widespread misconception that you can eliminate alcohol in your breath by using oral hygiene products. The sole purpose of this process to try and mask alcohol on your breath, all this will do is make your breath feel fresh. Don’t fall for the misguided notion that breath mints can help you pass a breathalyzer test.

Another popular misconception is that belching during an alcohol breath test will somehow alter the results in your favor. Belching or burping during or just prior to taking a breathalyzer test will not change the results.
Although many have attempted to drink the malt beverage Zima and assumed it would not be detected during an alcohol breath test, this is only a myth and it will register on an alcohol analyzer. As like any alcohol Zima will show up on an alcohol breath test, the chemicals are release though your lungs and will show up on a breath tester.

Trying to use these methods to lower the result of a breathalyzer, are simply a waste of your time and money. A digital alcohol tester is designed to pick up alcohol in your system and the best way not to return a positive result, (if tested) is not to drink and drive. Not drinking and having no alcohol to pick up during the test is the safest way to pass it with flying colors. There is an absolute high change that you could fail a alcohol breath test, if you should not rely on any of these myths.

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