Banned commercial – Celebrities DUI

Banned commercial with celebrities Anna Nicole, Chris Klein, Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole, Mel Gibson, etc

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6 Responses to “Banned commercial – Celebrities DUI”

  1. GreenDayEl says on :

    hahahahahaa No.

  2. dairyqueen4life says on :

    hah omg that made me laugh the song and everything .. Yeah dont let it sux..i did it and regret it

  3. htmaymay says on :

    I must agree with saintdrogo

  4. saintdrogo says on :

    Somehow I highly doubt this was a “banned commercial” and is more like an amature video that no one ever picked up or cared about.

  5. lun471k says on :

    Woohoo, and our great friend Britney is singing lmao!

  6. Hittman305 says on :

    too bad, for them, it was one bad night, but they suffer no real consequences..

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