Bactrack S80 Breathalyzer

Bactrack S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition

Bactrack S80 Breathalyzer or simply BAC S80, is a new innovation of a breathalyzer from BACTrack. It comes in the market as a professional breathalyzer that instantly estimates the content of blood alcohol in human. It is a very small and light device with its 2.3 x 4.8 x 0.8 inches dimension and weight of about 136 grams or 1.7 pounds. It is a handy device which can comfortably be carried around in a bag or the glove compartment of a car.

BAC S80 is a breathalyzer especially designed to match the needs and accurate standards of professional alcohol screeners such as roadside law enforcers, hospital workers and alcohol treatment experts and is also best for personal use. It is considered the best choice of many people who are safety-conscious and is approved by the US Department of Transportation and has passed clearance by the Food and Drug Administration as a safe and a clean device.

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With its competitive price in the market, BAC S80 has these features that are worth the tag:

  • A distinct and concise 4-digit LCD display
  • A one-button operation
  • Individually wrapped mouthpieces
  • An enhanced and extended battery life
  • User-adjustable warning levels and an internal pump system for breath capture
  • Ease in continuous temperature checking.

The Bactrack S80 Breathalyzer gives a sharp and accurate result which is displayed instantly in its 4-digit LDC display. With its simple and easy operation, a single click on its button lets you begin the test in a quick 10 seconds with intervals of 10 to 20 seconds between tests. It has a bright screen which instantly displays the result of the alcohol content in a person being tested. The S80 is capable to detect the amount of alcohol in the body which is vital in a zero alcohol tolerance environments like treatment centers and alcohol-free places and homes.

The S80 uses and advance sensor technology for greater accuracy. The Enhanced Fuel-Cell Sensor makes the BAC S80 more accurate than the semiconductor-based sensors as it ensures accurate measurements. It detects interferences from acetone, a compound which is often found in people who are diabetic and those people who are undergoing low-calorie diets. The advance sensor technology employed by BAC S80 also ensures accurate readings on people who are under high-blood-alcohol concentrations. Its sensor has accuracy percentage of 0.005 @ 0.050, 0.100, and 0.150 blood alcohol content or BAC. Also the Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology utilized by the BAC S80 gives linear accuracy and an extended battery life for a longer use. Furthermore, the S80’s uses temperature checking, adjustable user-warning levels and interior minute air pump for precise collection of breathe samples for added accuracy on its device.

The BACTrack S80 comes in a box that contains the following: a hard-shell carrying case for convenience; six hygienic standard BACtrack series mouthpieces for a safe and sanitary testing of multiple users and which are easy to use – you will only have to insert the mouthpiece on the device and testing is done immediately – that simple; 2 AA batteries; and a user guide. The S80 also carries a full one-year warranty.

With these useful features of the Bactrack S80 Breathalyzer, let us know how users rated the product. Most users express satisfaction on the S80. Of the many that uses the S80, only a few people show disappointment on it. Most people reveal that they are pleased with the device for its accuracy and handiness. Besides its accuracy, it is also a reliable and pretty handy device. One user expresses great satisfaction for having used the product made 144 tests on it already in different occasions which according to him a real proof of how useful S80 is.

Other users are having fun testing the S80 with friends, but altogether, they find the devise, useful and accurate. They are no longer afraid to be caught up with law enforcers as they know when to drive by taking a test on the S80. And they are satisfied with the device for its reliability. According to them, once the S80 is used while on the test, all discussions are stopped, and off they go back on the road.

However, there are those who displayed disappointment, too. But only a few of them say that the device is not so much accurate as they keep getting a different result each interval of tests. However, some find the blowing on the mouthpiece caused the inconsistencies. One user said that the breathing or blowing must be done in a steady stream not hard enough to get an accurate result. Well, it might be the cause, one thought so. Another was a bit embarrassed on the unit’s test result issue but still consider the S80 as better than any other breath analyzer that she personally used. One also lamented that the box specification brags for 6 mouthpieces but only received 3, yet it was not a big issue to her.

Of course, reviews are conflicting at times. But it is worth noting that most reviews on S80 were positive. It reveals that the device is worth its price and a great buy. It is an accurate, easy-to-use breathe analyzer and a very handy one. You can consider it as a personal gadget or a professional device.

In sum, the BACTrack S80 is a very helpful device for people who want to enjoy drinking with friends and don’t want any record with law enforcers as they drive, it saves you a whole lot of money from the heavy fines and hassles of facing law enforcers. It is very useful with its accurate test-results. It is a very handy and light device and is affordable.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a choice now and buy the Bactrack S80 Breathalyzer and worry no more. Bring it along with you wherever you go, enjoy a drinking spree with your friends and be confident you are well-accepted in a zero-alcohol environment.

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Bactrack S80 Breathalyzer is ranked 1.5 out of 5. Based on 174 user reviews.
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