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A BAC test more commonly known as Blood Alcohol Concentration and is sometimes called Blood Alcohol Content is a way of checking the concentration or content of alcohol that is in a person’s blood stream. A BAC check is usually preformed when you would be stopped or pulled over by a police officer, if they think you may be driving under the influence of alcohol.

With more police on the roads these days, there is a good change that you will be asked to take a random breathalyzer test. One of the best investments would be to have your own digital alcohol tester, so you can check yourself after drinking whether you should get into the driver’s seat.

BAC test you might not pass!

Could this be you while under going a BAC test

Interesting BAC test story

DUI | BAC test “Invalid Sample”

The Washington State Patrol provides the Data-Master Operator Information Manual for training a police officer about the BAC test administration.

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