AT198 personal alcohol detector

You shouldn’t risk getting a DUI and even worse, getting into a car accident. Having an AT198 Personal Alcohol Detector to test your blood alcohol level and know when you’ve had a lot to drink.

It is a straightforward to work with gadget can detect blood alcohol contents from 0.00 – 2.00%. Which includes a no touch design, multiple people can use it and its battery operated for consumer convenience. Widgets


* General Features:
* Advanced hot-wire alcohol sensor
* Quick response
* Accurate
* Smart MCU control
* Direct testing process with LCD indication
* Lightweight and portable
* No touch health design, can easily be used by multiple people
* Visible and audio warning beyond pre-set limit
* Power saving design
* Runs on two (2) AAA batteries (not included)
* Hot-wire sensor
* 0.00 – 0.20% BAC; 0.00 – 2.00% BAC (0.00 – 1.00 mg/L; 0.00 – 2.00 g/L) detection ranges
* ±10% FS accuracy
* 0.05% BAC, 0.5% BAC; 0.24 mg/L and 0.50 g/L preset levels
* 10-second self-calibration warm up time
* 8-second test time

Find the AT198 Personal Alcohol Detector Here!

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