Different Types of Alcohol Testing Kits that are Available

Different Types of Alcohol Testing Kits that are Available

Alcohol consumption leads to serious health problems and alcohol drinking drivers are the main cause for many accidents. So it is very important for the government to check the alcohol consumption in public. For that there is various Alcohol testing kits available in the market for testing alcohols.

Some of the Alcohol testing kits are:

1. Saliva Alcohol Test Kit

This is useful to test the alcohol level by checking the saliva itself. It also helps to check the alcohol level in many other liquids like drinks, water, blood serum etc. It is a cost-effective method which helps in monitoring the alcohol consumption and the level of the blood sugar concentration. It is the simplest method to detect the alcohol. It is a very quicker test and very helpful. It checks within 3 to 5 minutes and it can be used anywhere.

Alcohol Saliva Test Kit

Alcohol Testing Kits 1 Image

2. Breath Detectors

You can also detect the alcohol from breathing with the help of Breath alcohol detectors. It is very easy to use and works very fast. You can read the results very easily. It gives the exact amount of alcohol consumption and it is very light. It is very easy to carry. It detects the level of the alcohol consumption very accurately within minutes. The procedure is very easy to follow, and it includes the user manual. Disposable breath alcohol detectors are also available and it is easy to read the color change and very easy to carry because of its pen like shape.

First Check – Alcohol Breath Test Kit

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Alcohol Breath Test Kit

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3. Digital detectors

Digital detectors are the portable detectors and it instantly traces the level of the alcohol. It traces the alcohol in the blood stream. It is compact and very easy to use. It fairly detects the alcohol consumption. You should blow into the detector for detecting the alcohol consumption and you can detect within minutes. It uses the blue fire technology and there is no need for the mouth pieces.

AlcoHAWK Q3I-7505 One Test
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Accutest Alcohol Screener Test Kit

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4. Urine Alcohol Test

By performing urine test, you can detect the alcohol consumption in the laboratory. The advantage of the urine test is that it is useful to test the alcohol consumption even after 80 hours. Alcohol ETG Urine analysis checks the urine for the trace of alcohol, and it has the fast turnaround. It is also used to detect the drugs consumption. Urine alcohol home drug test strip is also available and you can trace the alcohol by testing the urine from the home itself with the help of it.

Urine Alcohol Testing Kits

Urine Laboratory Test for Alcohol Detection

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Urine Alcohol Home Drug Test Strip

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5. Alcohol Breast Milk Test

Milk screen home test for alcohol is very simple to use, and it is used to detect the alcohol consumption from the breast milk. It takes only two minutes to give the results. Breast feeding the baby with alcohol is dangerous for the baby. So it is very useful for the alcohol consuming mother to check the alcohol level before breast-feeding their baby. It is very easy to use so that it can be used from home itself.

Milkscreen Home Test for Alcohol

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6. Hair Alcohol Test

An alcohol hair test picks up Essential Fatty Acid Esters manufactured by consumption of alcohol. It is actually effective in diagnosing if a person is a heavy drinker or not. It can help to provide if a parent or guardian is fit to obtain legal care of children. It is also a great way to Demonstrate if somebody is long-term abstinent from heavy alcohol consumption.

Hair Alcohol Test Kit

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All these alcohol testing kits are effective to test alcohol consumption and you have to select the type of the kit according to the situation.

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