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Younger people today are looking into the use of portable breath Alcohol testers. With the increase of police on the roads doing spot random breath tests and the media making us more aware of drink driving accidents. The young party goers after a night of celebrations on the drink are starting to check out if it is good to have their own personal breathalyzer.

It would be a sign of great change if more young people taking responsibility for their own actions, whether to drive home, when they’ve had “too much to drink”. Having their own portable digital alcohol tester would better inform them knowing if they’ve had too much to drink so they can make the choice to drive or not.

Alcohol testers for Professional Use from Tokai Denshi : DigI

Tokai Denshi exhibited three products from its lineup of Alcohol testers for professional use at the LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2008 exhibition. The “ALC mini II” features a compact body size but can still provide high level measurement precision. This alcohol tester is equipped with a printer function, can easily and speedily provide high precision alcohol measurement recordings, and can test for alcohol consumption with excellent reliability. The “ALC Mobile” can be connected to a cell phone so that the measurement results can be confirmed from a separate location. The unit features a GPS function and camera so that you can easily control when, where, and who is to be measured, and the measurement results are automatically transmitted through cell phone text messaging. This unit makes it possible to administer alcohol consumption tests in real time. The “ALC PRO II” is a system configured for consistent recording and control with high level reliability and provides the highest level of alcohol concentration measurements. This system enables on-line, real-time control and is already being used in 6000 offices throughout Japan. If no alcohol is detected, the system immediately displays a “0.00” as the result, and the name and a photo of the person tested, the date, time, and the measurement results are displayed on the control screen. The system prevents people from using others

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