Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer

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A Alcohol tester breathalyzer is a device for calculating blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Most of the digital alcohol testers on the market today, estimate the amount of alcohol present in one’s breath and register a reading on a LCD display.

It is a revolutionary piece of equipment that can keep a check on drunk driving which is highlighted in the media as one of the main cause of traffic accidents .It is a product that is worth the investment for an individual, to make an important decision whether to drive or not after taking few drinks.

Alcohol tester breathalyzer

This Alcohol tester breathalyzer is a pocket-sized device that’s really easy to use. To test your breath alcohol level, just hold the Power Button until the light on the front turns green. Blow into the sensor on the top for a few seconds and the coloured LEDs on the device light up to show your current alcohol level. Green indicates little or no alcohol has been detected. If it’s yellow, take it as a warning. Yellow and red together mean you should definitely not drive.

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