Alcohol Detectors

Personal alcohol detectors are starting to be a part of our life. With a high rate of alcohol related accidents on our roads today, the increase of tougher state laws in an attempt to clamp down on those who want to drink and drive. More people are now investing into these portable digital alcohol testers, to avoid a DUI and more so not be involved in a serious road accident.

If you’re a bit of a party goer and enjoy a drink or three, have your own alcohol detector is a worthwhile investment in your health and safety. The small cost of such a device could be the difference in making the right choice for you or your friends whether to risk getting behind the wheel under the influence.

Nissan turns to high-tech Alcohol Detectors to stop drunken driving.

As part of an effort to reduce road deaths and injuries, Nissan Motor Co. has installed in one of its cars three prototype high-tech systems designed to stop drunken driving. The first attempts to detect alcohol in the driver’s sweat. After drinking, a certain amount of alcohol escapes the body in perspiration and this can be picked up by sensitive detectors if they are in close proximity to the driver.

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Types of Alcohol Detectors

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