Alcohol Detector in Cars

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There is an increasing need for an effective system to check drunk drivers. Now we are seeing that some vehicle manufacturers are installing an alcohol detector in cars.

The likes of Nissan are bringing proactive by setting up their new concept car filled with alcohol-detection sensors. The Toyota Motor Corp. is working on a fail-safe system for cars that can detect if a driver in drunk and it can shut down the vehicle with its sensors, if it picks up signs of excessive alcohol consumption.

The systems will most likely have an alcohol sniffer or other sensors that can check a person’s odors, sweat, and awareness to see if they are capable of driving the car.

Alcohol detector in Cars News
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The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are spending $10 million over five years to develop high-tech “passive” alcohol-detection devices that would keep a car from starting if a …

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