Alcohol Breathalyzer Chart to Estimate your BAC

The Alcohol Breathalyzer chart or blood alcohol level estimation charts for men and women below are only a guide to how much blood alcohol concentration could be in your system.

The best way to check and get a more accurate Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is with a professional digital alcohol tester. The charts will give you a bit of a guide, but there other lots of other factors to consider. Things you would need to consider are: your height and/or weight, gender, physical fitness, if you have eaten, are you tried, are you on any medication and what is the percentage of alcohol is in your drink (s).

Alcohol Breathalyzer Chart Men Image

Alcohol Breathalyzer Chart Women Image

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Look at the chart below, it only takes 3 drinks (units of alcohol) to make the average person too intoxicated to drive. BAC Chart. For the average person it takes an hour to process one drink, so if you have 3 drinks putting you …. The Professional Grade Alcohol Breathalyzer The Alcohawk Pro is a extremely accurate semiconductor-oxide breathalyzer. This professional model takes a deeper breath sample from the user and provides more accurate results than similar models. …

Alcohol Breathalyzer Image

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