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Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer Professional Edition

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Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer Professional Edition

The Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer professional edition is an amazing product available in the market that is high on quality as well as style! The best part about the product is that it is one of the most compact breathalyzers without having to sacrifice on the accuracy of the device. Thus easy to carry and perfect to use the Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer is one product that can be used for a lot of different purposes that includes both domestic as well as professional. The product is FDA 510(k) approved which makes it very useful for even law enforcement people.

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Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer Best Features

Let us now look through some of the best features of the device:

• It uses a technology called Police-Grade Xtend fuel cell which gives absolutely correct results every time the breathalyzer is used. The results are absolutely accurate from 0.00 % to 0.400% BAC.
• Another good thing about the product is the mouth piece. It is positioned in such a way that it is very easy to use. Thus the Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer is one product that gives great results as well as it is very comfortable to use!
• Another thing that generally people look into is the look of the device. Obviously if you are going to carry the product along with you it must look good. The Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer not only solves all the purposes but the rounded edges and sleek design also looks brilliant.
• The problem that is generally caused by a lot of other breathalyzers is that it gives false reading incase the person has diabetes or he has had a low calorie diet. There is no such issue with the Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer.
• The FDA (510K) clearance guarantees high level of quality so that the product can also be used for professional purposes.

Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer Professional Edition Image

Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer in detail

Let us now talk about the product in detail. The breathalyzer scores much above the more common breathalyzers in three aspects:


The feature that first catches interest in the product is that it is one of the sleekest and the most compact breathalyzers available in the market. It easily fits into the palm of your hand. The rounded edges not only give the product a beautiful style and design but it also ensures that you have comfortable and tight grip on the product which eliminates the risk of being dropped. Thus the Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer is very sleek and easy to use product.


Another most important feature of the product is the ease of use. The product is wonderfully easy to use which makes it very effective. The position of the mouth piece lays a very big role here. As it is in the front thus the person can use is very conveniently. There is no need to rotate or turn or twist the device to see the results. The users can easily move the product towards their mouth while keeping a look at the countdown and bring it to place exactly when the countdown reaches zero. This not only is easy but it also helps to increase the proficiency and accuracy of the device. Once the test is done the users can easily see the results right in front of them. Another good thing about the product is that it has detachable mouthpieces which could be changed after every use!


Another outstanding feature of the product is that it is amazingly accurate. The sensor technology ensures that it gives perfect results each time the product is used. The product has been verified by DOT/NHTSA for giving appropriate and correct alcohol levels. It provides accurate results even if the test is carried out after short intervals of time that is the alcohol levels that it would show will not vary too much unlike the more common breathalyzers.

It is not at all susceptible to diabetic people neither will it show false results in case of low calorie diet. Thus the product is high one quality and usability. The durability of the product is also great. It can give proper results till several thousand times of usage. Thus the product definitely has a long life along with its amazing capability to read accurate BAC levels.


• Dimensions 2.3 x 4.8 x 1 inches (5.8 x 12.2 x 2.5 cm)
• Weight 4.4 oz (125 grams) with mouthpiece and batteries
• Sensor Technology Xtend™ electro-chemical fuel-cell technology
• Detection Range 0.000 – 0.400 %BAC
• Mouthpieces 6 included Test Count
• Displays total number of tests performed
• Power Supply Two AA alkaline batteries, included Battery Life Approximately 1500 times
• Warm Up Time 10-20 seconds, depending on last use Response Time 10 seconds
• Sensor Accuracy +/- 0.005 at 0.1% B.A.C.
• Operating Temperature 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)


The Bactrack S75 PRO Breathalyzer professional edition is one product that is definitely worth investing. The four-digit LCD light also reads crisp and clear. The product is packed with all the good things and along with that it is also quite affordable which makes it a best buy product.

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