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Personal Breathalyzer Keychain with Flashlight

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Personal Breathalyzer Keychain with Flashlight

Your local police are not the only group of people allowed to own a breath Alcohol tester. Consumers too, can purchase their own personal breathalyzers. And if you want a portable one with other functions, you can get your personal breathalyzer keychain with flashlight for no more than $10.

The hand-held versions that your local law enforcers use are many times more expensive because they use a different and more advanced technology. Breathalyzers purchased and used by consumers are generally semiconductor-based in terms of their sensory capabilities. This gives them lesser accuracy, and of course, is cheaper than the ones used by the police.

Breathalyzers for consumers are screened and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, not the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that approves the breath alcohol analyzers used for law enforcement. The FDA checks for safety of the product and it must at least be proven effective by comparing to one or more legally marketed products. A Personal Breathalyzer Keychain with Flashlight is a handy gadget to have, if you plan to jump in the car after few drinks make sure you check your “BAC” before driving!

Personal Breathalyzer Keychain

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Benefits of a Personal Breathalyzer Keychain

Having a personal breathalyzer keychain may benefit you and help prevent you being stopped for DUI. This little version of its law enforcing relatives is useful for estimating your blood alcohol content but is not as accurate. You may want to blow on your personal breath Alcohol analyzer several times separated by at least two minutes and get the average of your readings. Do not be surprised if each reading yields a different result.

The reason why these personal breath Alcohol testers are less accurate and less expensive than the ones used by law enforcement is that they use a different kind of technology. Law enforcers use electrochemical fuel cell technology, infrared spectrophotometer technology, or a combination of both. As for the ones sold to consumers, a majority of the models make use of semiconductor-based technology. Just by the sound of it you can already tell it’s cheaper than infrared or fuel cell, right?

Personal Breathalyzer Keychain is great device to have however, there are also models sold to consumers that use fuel cell technology but are expectedly pricier.

Keychain Breathalyzers

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Personal Keychain Breathalyzers for Your Car Keys

Keychain breathalyzers are very useful products for personal use. They are very handy and most are just slightly bigger than your car keys. Although these consumer type breath alcohol testers are less accurate than the ones used by law enforcers, they are still relatively good as a basis for your breath alcohol content (BAC).
These products mostly use a semiconductor-based sensing technology but a few are already adopting the electrochemical fuel cell system used by law enforcers. The common breath Alcohol testers used by consumers are generally cheaper and less accurate. Most of the keychain breath alcohol analyzers don’t even go above $10. However, those that use the fuel cell are a lot more expensive and accurate.
Some keychain breathalyzers are disposable and should be thrown away after each use. Those that are not disposable, on the other hand, should undergo regular recalibration to provide better results than they would give if not properly maintained.

BACTRACK Select Breathalyzer Mouthpieces

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BACTRACK Select Breathalyzer Mouthpieces (Pack of 50)

The BACTRACK Select Breathalyzer Mouthpieces are small plastic mouthpieces that are used to test the blood alcohol content (BAC) on the BACTRACK Select range of Breathalyzers.

These mouthpieces that are individually wrapped for sanitary storage and which makes them easy to be used for multiple users and are compatible with S-30, S-50, S-70 and S-80 BACtrack breathalyzer models.

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Bactrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer

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The Professional Select BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer

Bactrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer is used to estimate blood alcohol content in seconds. It is a professional and most innovative breathalyzer. It is portable and user friendly. It has a four digit LCD display which is allows quick and accurate results and even a very small amount of alcohol content can be detected accurately. It has only one button which is used to begin and end the test. Hygienic mouth pieces are also provided for testing multiple users. Along with all these features, it also has an extended life of the battery thus making it a perfect choice.
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Best features of BACtrack Select S80 Professional Breathalyzer

This BACtrack Select S80 Pro is designed to reduce the workload of alcohol screeners. Anyone can use it as it is very simple to use because of its single button operation and mouthpieces which can be inserted easily. The results are displayed accurately and rapidly on the bright four digit LCD display. From the time you turn on the unit, you can test in ten seconds and with a 10-20 seconds of refresh time. With this four digit display even very small amounts of alcohol can be detected. BACtrack Select S80 is portable and easy to handle as it is 4.8 inches tall and has a width and height of 2.3 inches and 1 inch respectively. Due to Xtend sensor technology it ensures the best accuracy from 0.000 to 0.500 along with an extended life of the battery as compared to other breathalyzer which work on semi-conductor based sensors. This accuracy is helpful in those environments which have zero-tolerance and the suspect might have had a small amount of alcohol. The kit of BACtrack Select S80 Pro comes with six hygienic mouthpieces which are individually wrapped. BACtrack Select S80 is sleek, simple and an accurate breathalyzer.

Description of Bactrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer

BACtrack select S80 is approved by the transportation department of U.S. It estimates the blood content in seconds which are displayed on the LCD screen accurately. For example: 0.005% BAC. It is the best choice for those individuals who are safety conscious. Along with all the good features it also has user adjustable warning levels. An interior pump system for capturing the breath also adds to the features. The best and most interesting part is that it is the size of a cell phone which makes it portable and easy to handle.

One can easily make use of BACtrack select S80 in ones private capacity. It is a good idea to keep it at home and when guests, come over for a party and leave you can make a test using the BACtrack select S80 pro so that no-one leaves your home unaware of the fact that he actually exceeds the legalized blood alcohol limit. This is mainly due to the fact that the readings on it are absolutely reliable.

When you buy BACtrack Select S80 Pro kit, six mouthpieces along with two AA batteries, a hard shell carrying case and a user guide is also available.

Xtend Fuel Sensor technology extends sensor life

The extended sensor life of BACtrack Select Pro ensures long time reliability along with best accuracy. It is not like other breathalyzers which include semi conductor based sensors. These sensors are affected by the interference of compounds like acetone so at times are unable to give accurate results. Due to Xtend sensor technology BACtrack Select S80 gives accurate results in cases of high alcohol consumption.

Accurate results due to bright four digit display

BACtrack Select S80 has a one button operation with a four digit crystal clear display so when it is turned on, it can test in ten seconds and it also has a refresh time of 10 to 20 seconds. Due to this four digit LCD display one can get accurate results even when there are small traces of blood alcohol. This feature is not available in other breathalyzers.

Directions to use BACtrack Select S80 Pro

First a disposable mouthpiece is inserted into the Bactrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer. Then the button on the BACtrack Select S80 is pressed. Wait for the countdown to reach zero and as it reaches zero blow into the mouthpiece for at least five seconds. Finally, the test result will be displayed. A user manual is also available with the kit so, you can also refer it for further details.

What customers who bought BACtrack Select S80 think

Most of the customers who bought BACtrack Select S80 are very impressed with its compact size and accurate and consistent readings. Tator used this and said that he has used it over fifty times and it works amazingly great. When asked by people why he uses it, he said that he would rather pay a small amount for this breathalyzer than pay a heavy fine for DUI or do jail time. Thus, customers are fully satisfied with the product and say it is highly useful in day to day life.


The feedback of Bactrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer is great due to its Xtend fuel cell technology, accurate test results, hygienic mouthpieces, one button operation and easy to use and portability. It has a professional accuracy along with an attractive design. This product is recommended by almost everyone who has used it. Most people appreciate its advanced features and adjustable settings too. This product can be used by anyone in hospitals, military, and by the police to check the suspects etc.
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