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BACtrack Select S80 Professional Digital Breathalyzer

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The BACtrack Select S80 is a professional digital breathalyzer that quickly estimates blood alcohol content (BAC). The S80 is the perfect choice for law enforcement, hospitals, clinics, businesses, and for personal use anytime fuel cell accuracy is required. The advantages of the S80’s Xtend fuel cell technology are numerous.

First, the S80 provides 4 digit test results that can pickup trace amounts of alcohol – for example, 0.002 %BAC. This is helpful in zero-tolerance environments where subjects may have had only a small amount of alcohol. Next, the Xtend fuel cell technology extends the range of accuracy all the way from 0.000 – 0.400. Because the S80 shows a linear response to measured alcohol, the S80 will provide more accurate results over the complete range of alcohol concentrations.

The benefit of the S80’s Xtend technology also applies to the life of the sensor. The S80 has an extended sensor life as compared to standard semiconductor-based breathalyzers, and will require less frequent service and maintenance. Finally, the Xtend technology also extends the usable battery life up to 1500 tests per set of AA batteries.

The S80’s Xtend sensor technology is unlike any other available, and is worth the upgrade. Don’t purchase a novelty breathalyzer that may not provide trusted results. Go with what the Pros use. The BACtrack Select S80 has been tested by the DOT/NHTSA and meets their requirements for a breath alcohol screening device. The S80 is also FDA 510(k) cleared for personal use.

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Best Cheap Breathalyzer

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Top 3 Useful Tips in Choosing the Best Breathalyzer Cheap!

1. Make sure that the breathalyzer you’re going to purchase will suit your personal needs. You can decide on the breathalyzer you’re going to purchase by having a self-awareness or development on the accuracy of the best cheap breathalyzer available in the market today. Do a research about the various types of breathalyzers sold at a cheaper price. Scrutinize the advantages and disadvantages as much as possible.

2. Find a shop where you can find the best cheap breathalyzer you’ve been wanting. You can find the most affordable breathalyzers at convenience stores such as Walmart and K-Mart stores. You can also purchase other cheap breathalyzers through online shopping websites.

3. Always find time to weigh in the savings you received after purchasing the cheap breathalyzer of your choice. Weighing the amount of money that was discounted from the purchase will give you higher chances of acquiring the breathalyzer’s affordability.

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Best Buy Breathalyzer

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The AlcoHawk Slim is one of the best buy breathalyzer personally designed by Q3 Innovations. The AlcoHawk Slim has a single button that operates the simple procedures of blowing in the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece will determine the accuracy of the BAC content in seconds.

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Based from the “Breathalyzer” website, The AlcoHawk Slim includes a removable mouthpiece cover. The cover allows the testing of multiple sanitary fashions within few minutes. The “NHTSA Model Specifications” obtained the breathalyzer’s FDA 510K Market Clearance to regulate the breathe alcohol content’s percentage.

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The AlcoHawk Slim has three basic features that make it one of the best buy breathalyzer from Q3 Innovations today. The basic features are the following:
• The “Sensor Recognition Technology” monitors the normal flow of sensor conditions.
• The “Folding Mouthpiece Design” allows the breathalyzer to determine the accuracy of the capture system.
• The “Sample Connection Sensor” helps ensures the breathalyzer’s safety.

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Best Breathalyzer Breathalizer Alcohol Tester

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The Lifeloc FC10 Alcohol Tester: The Best Breathalyzer Breathalizer Alcohol Tester

The Lifeloc FC10 Alcohol tester or simply known as the “Lifeloc FC” is one of the newest and most superior portable alcohol testers today.
According to the official “Breathalyzer” online auction site, The Lifeloc FC is the Best Breathalyzer breathalizer Alcohol tester today because of its top three advanced features. The features comprise of the following:
• The Lifeloc FC is convenient, cost-effective and durable to use. The Alcohol tester can generate more than 8,000 tests from a single set of 4 AA batteries in a short amount of time.
• The Lifeloc FC has a specialized “Graphical Display Advances” which allows automatic displaying of optical backlights, fuel-like response graph and breathalyzer profile graph. The graphical display advances allows regulating backlight displays from lower conditions.
• The Lifeloc FC is made from specialized LCD display which allows the unique flow of alcohol response graphs including a 64-character standardized display icon.

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Accu BAC Digital Breathalyzer

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The AccuBAC digital breathalyzer is a highly accurate semiconductor-oxide alcohol detector available for personal use. With an automatic flow detection to monitor for continuous breath sampling, has an automatic calibration technology. It is able to reset itself before each use, with a large LCD & 3 decimal points display (eg. 0.023%BAC) and includes a couple of detachable mouth pieces.

Range: Low, 0.15 ~ 1.5 BAC, Hi or Low, 0.075 ~ 0.75 mg/l, Hi or Low, 0.015 ~ 0.15 %BAC, Hi
Display: Large LCD display & 3 decimal points (eg. 0.023%BAC)
Tolerance compensation: Pre-alert warning when close to allowed limit
Unit Conversion: BAC, %BAC and mg/l
Calibration: Advance user calibration function
Auto power saving: 2 minutes
Breath sampling: about 7 seconds continuous breath sample
Cycle time: ~ 60 seconds
Automatic flow detect technology: to monitor the continuous breath sampling
Alert level calibrated: 0.2; 0.3; 0.5; 0.8 BAC or 0.02; 0.03; 0.05; 0.08 %BAC or 0.10; 0.15; 0.25; 0.40 mg/l
Power Input: 3 * 1.5V AAA Alkaline battery (Not included)
Unit Dimensions: 128 X 63 X 29 mm approx
Agency Approval: CE; DOT Approved

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