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AlcoHAWK Q3 Precision Digital Alcohol Breath Tester

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The AlcoHAWK Q3 Precision Digital Alcohol Breath Tester measures alcohol on your breath. Provides an estimation of your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Just breathe into the unit for a second or two; a beep sounds after a proper breath sample is taken.


Displays BAC reading from 0.00 to 0.19% in increments of .01%; Low battery alert; Countdown timer Uses 2 AAA batteries (included); Measures a compact 1 1/4 x 4″, weighs only 3 ozs.

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BACtrack Select S30 Alcohol Breathalyzer

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The BACtrack Select S30 Alcohol Breathalyzer, (part on the Select Series) are functional and economical breathalyzers that provide reliable, trusted results for both personal and professional use. The S30 is extremely portable design featuring three digit display with back lit LCD and Advanced MicroCheck Sensor Technology.


BACtrack S30 breathalyzer Features Breath Intake Area – Versatile design allows quick use with or without replaceable, hygienic mouthpieces. Crisp 3 digit multifunction display – Easy to read test results and alerts. One Button Operation – Simply turn it on and begin testing in seconds. Compact size and sleek design – Easily fits into a pocket or purse for on the go lifestyles.

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AlcoHawk PT500 Digital Breathalyzer

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The AlcoHawk PT500 Digital Breathalyzer incorporates a PT Core fuel-cell sensor, which is not subject to interference from acetone and offers enhanced linear accuracy over traditional semi-conductor sensors. The simple menu-driven operation allows you to quickly and accurately screen for the presence of alcohol up to 0.400 percent BAC. The AlcoHAWK PT500 also features a large, easy-to-read back-lit LCD display.


The AlcoHAWK PT500 is the ideal unit for law enforcement roadside screening, corrections, probation officers, substance abuse clinics, boating, military, and many other areas of professional testing in which fuel-cell accuracy and reliability is required. And because the PT500 now has obtained FDA 510K Pre-market clearance, it is also available for consumers to purchase. The AlcoHAWK PT500 is a DOT / NHTSA Conforming Breath Alcohol tester.


Dimensions: 5″ x 2.63″ x 1.25” (12.7 cm x 6.68 cm x 3.18 cm)
Weight: 3.6 oz (102 g) without batteries;5.2 oz (147 g) with batteries
Power Supply: Two (2) AA alkaline batteries included
Battery Life: 200 tests1
Sensor Technology: PT CoreTM Electro-chemical Fuel-cell Sensor
Warm-UP Time: 10-20 seconds1
Blowing Time: 5 seconds2
Response Time: 3 seconds1
Operating Temperature: 10 – 40°C (50 – 104°F)
Detection Range: 0.000 – 0.400% BAC
Sensor Accuracy: ±0.005% at 0.05% BAC3
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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AlcoHAWK Slim Breath Alcohol Analyzer

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AlcoHAWK Slim Breath Alcohol Analyzer is the newest addition to the AlcoHAWK® Breathalyzer series line. This Alcohol Breathalyzer features a sleek personal design roughly the size of a cell phone made of impact resistant abs material. The personal alcohol breath tester screens for the presence of alcohol quickly and is an ideal solution for a discreet easy-to-use unit.


The AlcoHAWK® Slim Breathalyzer is equipped with a clear Ruby Red L.E.D. display. The unit comes pre-calibrated ready for use. The AlcoHAWK® Slim Breathalyzer has also been upgraded to use a folding mouthpiece design for maximum portability yet also has the ability to attach disposable mouthpiece covers (3 included) for sanitary use by multiple users! The new 2007 Breath Alcohol Analyzer AlcoHAWK® Slim has been upgraded over the older models with Sensor Recognition Software to warn the user if certain type of damages occur to the sensor Electric Pressure Sensor.

The AlcoHAWK® Slim Alcohol Screening device contains an electronic airflow sensor to ensure a deep lung sample is obtained. This is a vital new function because only samples of air from the deep lung are proportionate to blood alcohol content. This new innovative sensor ensures the user exhales through the mouthpiece with the required force over the 5 second exhale. This is an important feature for professional alcohol screening to prevent an intentional short exhale which could affect accuracy.

Sample Concentration Sensor: The Breath Alcohol Analyzer AlcoHAWK® Slim contains a software upgrade to allow the unit to track if an even alcohol concentration is detected in the sample. This cutting edge technology serves as another check of sample integrity. Sleek Design: The AlcoHAWK® Slim Breathalyzer was created with portability and hand-held use in mind. Therefore, it was designed with a folding mouthpiece for easy storage in a purse or pocket.

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AlcoHawk Digital Alcohol Detector

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The AlcoHawk Digital Alcohol Detector checks your breath for alcohol, and gives you a B.A.C. (blood alcohol content) reading in seconds. AlcoHawk is simple to use and read, just blow into the mouthpiece for five seconds and the digital display will provide you with a reading. The slim device fits easily in your pocket or purse. Single button operation. Includes three replaceable mouthpiece covers for multiple users. Uses two AA batteries (not normally included).

IMPORTANT: This device is a breath alcohol tester designed to test for the presence of alcohol in the subject’s blood. Estimates and results may vary. This product cannot determine the subject’s exact blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and should not be used for such purposes.

Its best to always read the enclosed instructions first to ensure proper use, accuracy limitations and calibration requirements. It is very important to have the instrument calibrated as recommended in the instructions. Failure to do so may result in inaccurate readings. Do not rely upon results to determine level of intoxication or your ability to safely operate motor vehicles or heavy machinery.

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