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Keychain Blood Alcohol Detector

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The keychain blood alcohol detector is a light weight mini Portable Breathalyzer that you can carry on your key ring. It is very simple to use, you simply press and hold the power button, and the green LED will light indicating the tester is READY. Then you just blow into the Alcohol tester to get your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading.

The most common one that is on the market is the protocol keychain breathalyzer that has the 3 colored LED lights, a flashlight torch on the side and has a countdown timer, which is used to keep track if your are parked at a meter.

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Corporate Breathalyser Breathalyzer Breath Alcohol Tester Andatech Zenith AL7000C

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Perfect for personal, industrial use and employee breath Alcohol tester screening. Now with the capability of a USB plug in to down load BAC readings to your computer and other information makes it ideal for keeping track of employee history and referencing. Having a replaceable breathalyser sensor module enables the unit to be reading accurately again within seconds, even in the middle of a mine, construction zone or factory. The Andatech Zenith takes personal accountability to a new level.

Blood Alcohol Detector

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One of the key points to using a blood alcohol detector is basically that you should wait at least 20 minutes after your last drink to an accurate measurement. This will give your digestive system time to absorb the alcohol and give you a more informed reading on the Alcohol tester unit.

You can experience very inconsistent results both exaggerate and underestimate of your current BAC. So if you just finished 1 drink and almost straight away do a breath test the reading your blood alcohol concentration maybe below the legal limit, but it may not be a true reflection of your current BAC. So after drinking take the time to let the alcohol go though you and if possible avoid driving and stay safe!

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Digital Breathalyzers

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Digital breathalyzers are a useful alcohol detecting device that can be used in homes, at schools and in workplaces all over the country. When looking to invest in a digital alcohol breathalyzer, there are a few certain characteristics that can separate the good quality models from some of the cheaper one’s on the market.

A few things that never seem to indicator whether or not is the size or price of a particular breathalyzer. Since many of the lower priced mini breathalyzers can provide very accurate, reliable results as long as they have a digital display. The more digits that are shown on the screen, the more specific your BAC result will be, so go for a device that features a 4 digit display. A digital alcohol tester with more digits on the display is a great tool in a zero tolerance environment where the detection of even trace amounts of alcohol is very important.

Worldwide Distribution of Digital Breathalyzers

We are a full-service breathalyzer company, providing: – Calibration – Repair – Distribution – Retail service We distribute the following quality digital breathalyzers: – AL6000 – AL7000 – AL9000

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Digital Breathalyser

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Some personal digital breathalyser sold that are available in the market, should have the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval. Basically meaning the FDA has tested the unit and also it does what it says it will do as per the unit’s manual. Other approvals that confirm of the fact that accuracy levels reported from the breathalyzer manufacturer are in keeping with their findings include NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations), DOT (Department of Transportation) and U S Coast Guard.

You should also pay attention to imitation breathalysers which might be sold on the internet. A number of these breathalyzers have an inexpensive Chinese knock off sensor, which does just trigger a set of LED lights to flash. It will be advisable for you to purchase a digital alcohol tester that costs at least over $50, as most of the LED light models provide no digital readout results.

Professional Digital Breathalyser with Australian Standard Andatech AL6000Pro

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